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Field Crafting UK

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"Film making is the ultimate team sport." ~ Michael Keaton

Production Support Services

High end production support services for the film and television industry.

Health and Wellbeing Advisors
Film Set

Caring for Mental Wellbeing in Productions

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive production services, and a central pillar of our support is our esteemed team of wellbeing advisors. With a registered mental health nurse as our lead consultant, our advisors' guidance is rooted in their rich experiences working within the NHS and military contexts.

Guidance Informed by Expertise

Our wellbeing advisors draw on their experiences working alongside or within the NHS and military environments, ensuring their guidance is informed, practical, and relevant. With their deep understanding of mental health dynamics, they provide nuanced advice to support psychological safety for actors, contributors, staff, cast, and crew. They excel in managing risks surrounding sensitive themes and scenes, promoting a nurturing and respectful environment on set and on location.

On-Set Support for Psychological Safety

We go beyond theoretical knowledge by providing on set and on location Welfare Officers and Wellbeing Facilitators. This ensures immediate support for your staff, cast, and crew during production runs. Our advisors prioritize psychological safety for all involved, recognizing the unique challenges that can arise in creative and demanding settings.

Policies and Regulations Compliance

Field Crafting UK's wellbeing advisors also specialize in assisting you with policy compliance. They can review your existing policies related to stress and mental health, ensuring they align with Ofcom and other industry regulations. By updating your policies to reflect the latest standards, we contribute to a work environment that prioritizes the mental wellbeing of your team.

Broad Spectrum of Expertise

Our team members possess diverse training, ranging from entry-level 3 supervising first aid for mental health to full degrees in mental health nursing. This spectrum of expertise ensures that our guidance covers a wide range of needs and situations, enabling us to provide a tailored approach that suits your production's unique requirements.

With Field Crafting UK's wellbeing advisors, you gain access to a wealth of experience and knowledge that is essential for creating a supportive and nurturing environment. From psychological safety to policy compliance, our advisors are here to ensure that your production promotes the mental wellbeing of all involved.

Military Advisors
British Army Long Range Reconnaissance Group

Authentic Military Expertise for Your Production

At Field Crafting UK, we are proud to introduce a vital asset to our comprehensive production services – our esteemed military advisors. These advisors, drawn from various Regiments, Corps and other branches of the armed forces, bring a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to ensure the utmost authenticity in your production. All are either still serving or have only recently left service, meaning they are as current as you can get. 

Invaluable Insights for Realistic Portrayals:

Our military advisors provide invaluable insights into military protocols, tactics, and strategies. Their presence guarantees that military aspects within your project are portrayed accurately and authentically. From advising on precise uniforms and equipment usage to choreographing realistic action sequences, their guidance adds a layer of realism that captivates audiences and enhances your production's credibility.

Enhancing Production Value and Respect:

Having our military advisors on board significantly elevates the production value of your project. Their guidance not only ensures the realism of military-themed scenes but also underscores your project's respect for the contributions of armed forces personnel. By accurately capturing the essence of military life, your production stands out as both engaging and a tribute to the dedication of those who serve.

Supporting Your Creative Vision:

Combined with our team of dedicated professionals, our military advisors contribute to a holistic support system that is dedicated to making your production successful. We understand the nuanced balance required to create both engaging and authentic content. With Field Crafting UK's military advisors, you gain a crucial asset that enhances the accuracy and impact of your project, ensuring that your creative vision is brought to life in the most authentic way possible.

Film Lighting

Freelance Medics

At Field Crafting UK, we specialise in providing nurse led  freelance medic services up to FREC 5 standard to reputable private ambulance companies.


Whether you are covering a film, TV series, commercial, or any other creative project, our freelance medics are ready to support your medical cover with their expertise and professionalism.

Seamless Outsourcing: By outsourcing our medics directly to production companies or other medical entities, you gain access to an experienced, specialised and dedicated team that seamlessly integrates into your production environment. Our medics work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and collaborative medical support system, enabling you to focus on your creative endeavors with peace of mind.

Compliance and Expertise: Our freelance set medics comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring adherence to all necessary health and safety guidelines. With extensive experience in the film and television industry, they bring a wealth of expertise to each production, safeguarding the health and safety of all individuals involved.

Partner with Us: When you choose our Freelance Set Medic Services, you gain a trusted partner committed to prioritizing the well-being of your clients cast and crew.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with top-tier medical support up to FREC 5 standard. Field Crafting UK - Your On-Set Healthcare Partner.

Drone Services

Drone Services

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional production support services for the film and television industry.


To ensure the highest quality in our aerial videography and photography, we rely on the cutting-edge DJI Mini 3 Pro, our compact aerial ally.

Small Yet Mighty: The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a true marvel of engineering, packing powerful features into an incredibly lightweight and compact design. Weighing below 249kg, this drone is a perfect fit for capturing stunning aerial footage without compromising on performance.

Superior Image Quality: Equipped with a 4K camera and a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, the DJI Mini 3 Pro delivers exceptional image quality, bringing your production visuals to life with incredible detail and clarity. Whether it's sweeping landscape shots or dynamic action sequences, this drone ensures every frame is a work of art.

Intelligent Flight Modes: Our skilled pilots harness the drone's intelligent flight modes to create smooth and cinematic shots effortlessly. From "Point of Interest" to "Waypoint" mode, the DJI Mini 3 Pro empowers us to plan intricate flight paths and execute complex shots with precision.

Safety and Reliability: Safety is paramount in every production, and the DJI Mini 3 Pro boasts robust safety features to ensure smooth operations. With its advanced obstacle detection sensors and precise GPS positioning, we can navigate with confidence, even in challenging environments.

Extended Flight Time: The DJI Mini 3 Pro is designed for extended flight times, allowing us to capture more footage on a single charge. With up to 31 minutes of flight time, we can seize every opportunity to get the perfect shot without interruptions.

Legal Compliance: As responsible professionals, we ensure our drone operations comply with all regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Our licensed drone pilot operates the DJI Mini 3 Pro, adhering to the highest safety standards and best practices.

Unleash Creativity: With the DJI Mini 3 Pro as our trusty companion, we embark on creative adventures, capturing unique angles and perspectives that elevate your productions to new heights. We believe that every frame is an opportunity to tell a compelling story, and this remarkable drone empowers us to do just that.

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