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Training & Productions

Field Crafting UK

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Elevate Safety and Well-Being with Field Crafting UK affordable training.

Ready to enhance your industry's safety? Our cutting-edge, Ofqual regulated training exceeds standards. Crafted with expert guidance from Screenskills and Film & TV Charity, our programs ensure legal compliance and equipped teams.


Achieve up to level 3 qualifications and meet Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. obligations. 


Discover our Nuco-designed, Ofqual regulated Mental Health Training, tailored for your team. Elevate awareness, empower inclusivity, and enjoy on-location Mental Health Champions for dedicated support.

Explore our diverse services, including drone pilots, health and wellbeing advisors, and military experts. Together, we create a healthier, more inclusive production environment. Partner with us today!

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Mind Crafting is our visionary Community Interest program with a noble purpose.


Our focus is clear: supporting communities, children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and vulnerable young adults. We achieve this through engagement, learning and adventure training activities that inspire growth and resilience.

Are you able to support our ongoing efforts?

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