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Return of Rescue Breaths

Update from Nuco Training

Return of Rescue Breaths

As providers of Nuco training, from 01st November 2022 we will be adhering to the following guidance when delivering Basic Life Support lessons.

"In 2020, during the initial COVID-19 pandemic, the Resuscitation Council introduced a moratorium on learners having to demonstrate rescue breaths during first aid training.

The First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum have stated that from the 1st November 2022 this moratorium is being removed. All first aid courses starting from this date will require learners to demonstrate rescue breaths to achieve the regulated qualification.

Learners will no longer be able to choose not to demonstrate rescue breaths if they want to be awarded the regulated qualification.

If a learner is not willing or is not able to demonstrate rescue breaths, then unfortunately they cannot be awarded the regulated qualification but can be issued with a non-regulated certificate.

The guidelines have also been updated regarding secondary assessment. Previously learners were able to verbally complete the assessment but from the 1st November will also have to physically demonstrate the completion of a secondary assessment at least once during the course.

FAA have updated its COVID-19 Classroom Guidelines to reflect this change and you can view this here.

Training providers should continue to maintain high levels of hygiene during classroom courses and guidance on how to achieve this is contained within the guidelines above."

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