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Mind Crafting Pilot Sail for Armed Forces Children with SEND: 27 April 2023


"Having autism is not a disability. It's an ability." ~ Cillian O'Connor Britain's Got Talent 2023.

After our introductory sail last November there are now just under 24 hours until our Mind Crafting pilot sail, for children from the Armed Forces community living with SEND, leaves Haslar Marina.

Fully funded by Field Crafting UK and with support from Tidworth, Bulford, and Larkhill Garrison Army Welfare Service, we've partnered with The Boleh Project with the aim of teaching children from the Armed Forces Community life skills through adventure training activities.

For future courses the children teamed up a few months before the event. They will then need to work together as a team to help raise money towards the cost of their trip (the rest being funded by Field Crafting UK). The proviso being that it cannot come from the "bank of mum and dad".

The aim of this activity is to help develop skills in communication, interpersonal skills, decision, and problem solving, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness, self-control, and resilience. All key areas of life skills identified by the World Health Organisation.

Mind Crafting is aimed to be of particular use to those with an interest in moving into the entertainment industry, where most of the work is freelance, but the lessons we teach will be equally transferable to other career pathways.

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