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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

In Focus

"Having autism is not a disability. It's an ability." ~ Cillian O'Connor Britain's Got Talent 2023.

After our introductory sail last November there are now just under 24 hours until our Mind Crafting pilot sail, for children from the Armed Forces community living with SEND, leaves Haslar Marina. 

Fully funded by Field Crafting UK and with support from Tidworth, Bulford, and Larkhill Garrison Army Welfare Service, we've partnered with The Boleh Project with the aim of teaching children from the Armed Forces Community life skills through adventure training activities. 

For future courses the children teamed up a few months before the event. They will then need to work together as a team to help raise money towards the cost of their trip (the rest being funded by Field Crafting UK). The proviso being that it cannot come from the "bank of mum and dad".  

The aim of this activity is to help develop skills in communication, interpersonal skills, decision, and problem solving, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness, self-control, and resilience. All key areas of life skills identified by the World Health Organisation.

Mind Crafting is aimed to be of particular use to those with an interest in moving into the entertainment industry, where most of the work is freelance, but the lessons we teach will be equally transferable to other career pathways.


Mind Crafting Pilot Sail for Armed Forces Children with SEND: 27 April 2023

All TV and film productions require skilled Production Managers in all phases of production.

At the pre-production planning stage, Production Managers are deeply involved in each aspect of locations, budgets, crewing, scheduling, and transport logistics. During filming, they are a crucial senior member of the team, in charge of every aspect of successful production, with special emphasis on health and safety of crew and equipment.  

The key skills and attributes of a successful Production Manager are those that excel at planning and communications, those that work well under pressure and have a detail-oriented approach.  They must be adept negotiators with a wide range of contacts and knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.  

This Production Manager course will provide students with all the necessary skills and relevant experiences in order to gain a Production Co-Ordinator or Production Manager role within the media industry.  

Post pandemic there is a lack of suitably qualified Production Managers within the media industry so we have designed this course to fill this gap.

There has been considerable research carried out on the Production Managers’ skills shortage within the media industry here on this comprehensive report.

The BFBS Production Managers course is designed for service leavers and veterans with a keen interest in the world of media and who wish to use their existing skillset within a new and challenging environment.  

The role of Production Manager or Production Co-ordinator may be new to you, however, once you realise that this role involves all aspects of planning and supporting the wider production team – overseeing a project from concept to delivery, you will see that it dovetails very well with your previous military experiences. 

The course will run from Monday 26th June 2023, finishing the week commencing 29th January 2024.

Applications are now open! 

The closing date for applications is Friday 3rd February 2023

For the more information, the full article and to apply, follow this link


A fully-funded course to help get you into one of the industry’s most in-demand roles

We are delighted to announce that Field Crafting UK are now listed with Screenskills as one of their recomended training providers. 

Details of our listing can be found at the link provided below.  

Any of our training, opportunities or e-learning events will be listed on this profile after approval by Screenskills.


We are delighted to announce that Field Crafting UK are now listed with Screenskills as one of their recomended training providers.

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