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Step into Film: Gain valuable insights and jumpstart your career in film and television.

Produced by Field Crafting Productions

Gain valuable insights and jumpstart your career in film and television

Are you an aspiring filmmaker within the Armed Forces Community, passionate about the world of film and television? Step into Film, a groundbreaking series of webinars, is here to unlock the doors to the captivating realm of the entertainment industry. Whether you dream of working behind the camera, honing your writing and directing skills, mastering drone technology, or exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of filmmaking, this series has something for every creative soul.

A Monthly Journey Into Film and Television Careers:

Step into Film invites members of the Armed Forces Community to embark on a thrilling monthly journey, delving into various departments within the film and television industry. Through engaging webinars, our esteemed panelists will share their expertise, experiences, and insights, providing you with invaluable knowledge to ignite your career in this dynamic field.

Explore Diverse Departments:

Each webinar in the series shines a spotlight on a different aspect of the industry. From Location and Unit Management, where behind-the-scenes magic comes to life, to the art of writing and directing, which gives wings to creative vision, we cover an array of captivating disciplines. You'll also learn how drones have revolutionized filmmaking, offering breathtaking aerial perspectives, and delve into the intriguing possibilities of AI's impact on the future of storytelling. Education is also a significant focus, providing guidance on the pathways to realizing your filmmaking dreams.

Meet Our Stellar Lineup:

Step into Film commences with an exciting premiere on September 19th, featuring Camera and Broadcast Journalism with Julie Ritson and Rich Preston from the BBC. Gain exclusive insights into the intricacies of camera work and storytelling through broadcast journalism, and learn from industry experts who have excelled in their fields.

Step into Film: Your Pathway to a Creative Future:

At Field Crafting Productions, we are passionate about nurturing talents and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams. Step into Film is not just a series of webinars; it is a pathway for you to discover your potential, connect with like-minded creatives, and forge a rewarding career in the world of film and television.

Join Us on September 19th:

Don't miss the inaugural Step into Film webinar on September 19th, where we kick off this transformative journey with Camera and Broadcast Journalism. Reserve your spot today and take your first stride toward an exciting and fulfilling future in the film and television industry.

Step into Film - Embrace Creativity, Unleash Potential.

Field Crafting Productions - Empowering Stories, Changing Lives.

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