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Dandelions: When shadows rule, innocence is lost

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Produced by Field Crafting Productions

When shadows rule, innocence is lost! A Field Crafting UK Production.

A hard-hitting drama exposing the challenges faced by children from the Armed Forces community.

In a powerful and thought-provoking pilot episode, "Dandelions" delves into the untold struggles faced by children from the armed forces community as they navigate the complexities of growing up. Unveiling the harsh reality of how some children are groomed into county lines drug gangs, this drama is an unflinching exploration of the truth that demands attention.

Field Crafting Productions believes in the power of storytelling to shed light on important social issues. "Dandelions" is our passion project, meticulously crafted to raise awareness and spark conversations about the challenges endured by children from military families.

Portraying Real-life Struggles:

The armed forces community faces unique challenges that often go unnoticed. "Dandelions" seeks to break the silence and give voice to the young individuals who bear the weight of military life. Our drama delves into the emotional turmoil and isolation experienced by these children, providing an authentic glimpse into their world.

Confronting the Issue of County Lines:

As we unfold the narrative, "Dandelions" fearlessly confronts the alarming reality of children being targeted and manipulated into county lines drug gangs. With unyielding courage, we expose the tactics used by criminal networks to ensnare vulnerable youths, bringing to light the urgent need for collective action to protect our future generations.

A Meaningful Endeavor:

"Dandelions" holds a special significance for us as it marks the final project for our BFBS Production Managers course. We are committed to using this platform to advocate for change and create compelling content that makes a lasting impact on society.

Filming and Beyond:

Our passion for authenticity drives us to ensure that "Dandelions" is a true representation of the real-life struggles faced by children in the armed forces community. We begin filming towards the end of 2023, determined to bring this gripping drama to life with the utmost integrity.

Join the Conversation:

We invite audiences to engage with "Dandelions" and join us in a dialogue that transcends the screen. Together, we can create a world where the challenges faced by children in military families are understood and addressed, fostering empathy, support, and positive change.

"Dandelions" is a compelling testament to the power of storytelling to ignite change. As Field Crafting Productions, we are honored to present this hard-hitting drama that shines a light on the resiliency of children and the urgency to protect their future.

Field Crafting Productions - Empowering Stories, Changing Lives.

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