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The Logistics of Film

A film requires a lot of hard work and planning. Everything and everyone has to be in the right place at the right time which means arranging transport for all cast and crew members along with props and all necessary equipment.




Films need money to be made and the amount of money needed all depends of the size and type of the production. Many Hollywood films are funded by production companies such as Warner Brothers or Bad Robot. Some films get there money from crowd-funding on websites like Kickstarter.

When making a film it is important to think about where the film is going to be shot. Finding the right locations for a film can be difficult and when a location has been found there is a lot of planning and paper work to make sure the location is safe for all cast and crew. Another thing to think about when picking a location would be if it is assessable. A film location is no good if cast, crew and equipment can not get there.

Facilities is another factor that needs to be thought of when making a film. During the making of a film facilities will be needed weather it is somewhere for the cast to get their make-up done or a place to store equipment. When making a film all facilities that may be needed have to be thought of so they can all be arranged when production and post-production start.




When making a film another factor that needs to be thought of is time. There are many ways time plays a part during the making of a film some examples would be;

Actors and crew that have other jobs.

Locations that may only be available for a certain time period.

equipment that is needed for another project.

And for many films there is always a deadline to meet.

When making a film there are different materials that need to be thought of such as;

Sound library materials

Photo-library materials


These and more materials may or may not be original to the film being made but could still be used if the producer gets permission form the owner or if the material is royalty free.

Making a film requires a lot of planning and paper work too make sure that everyone is safe this means for every location there must be risk assessments. Another thing would be for every location that needs to be used the production needs to have the permission of the owner, this also applies to any copyrighted material such as music.




Contributors are people who contribute to the making of the film for example an actor also called talent would be a contributor. Other contributors may be experts which could be a director or a composer. Another contributor may be the public.

Many people are needed to make a film these include producers, directors, actors and crew members. Films have many jobs that need to be taken on. Which means finding people with the right experience for the job along with making sure they will have the means and the time to do their job.

The documentation for a film is the production documentation which includes the script, storyboards, location recces, etc. Other forms of documentation would be risk assessments, health and safety assessments and budget. Without the correct documentation making a film becomes even more difficult and can even mean that the film cannot be made.

Author: Gabrielle Boak



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