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“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

"International Medical Education and Support in Conflict was established following the outbreak of war in Ukraine to offer free first aid information that could be viewed by civilians. The hope is the information could offer some help to those affected in their time of need.

Being the Director of Ambulance CPD, which is an online platform for ambulance staff to do training and study, we have been able to develop and advance our skills in online training and web management over the years. Following the start of the war in Ukraine and seeing the harm done to civilians, like everyone else, we were left in a state of shock and dismay at what was happening. We wanted to do something to help, but felt powerless as Russia caused death and devastation to the country. After those initial days and as the world began to spring into action of providing aid and support to Ukraine, we looked at what we could do to help.

This is where the idea for International Medical Education and Support In Conflict, or IMESIC, started. Looking at the skills we possessed with online learning, we started setting up the website. The plan was to have basic first aid information videos, specialised around trauma and conflict, and make them accessible to anyone. It is well evidence that some early treatment in trauma can significantly increase the chances of survival and outcome, and we hope that by providing this information it may help make a difference.

There have been some challenges as we created alongside the running of our main site, and the project is very much in its' infancy and we still have a lot more things to add. However, the site is at a stage where it can offer basic information on how to deal with certain traumatic injuries.

We are continuing to share the site on our social media platforms alongside our contacts to try and get the awareness of the site out there and help those who are in need." ~ Gareth: Ambulance CPD

For more information on IMESIC you can email or visit their website at the below addresses.

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